Our mission is manufactured wood to civil construction,packaging,and veneers market whit high quality, always looking for the costumer needs, contributibg for a better quality of life for the community around us preserving the environment.


Be recognized by the accomplishment in the manufaturing of wood whith the highest quality.

Our Believes

Simplpicity: Transform raw wood in a simple form without wast inputs and without miss the quality.
Exalt the internal and extrernal costumers: Recognize that exalt the costumers, professionals inside our factory and the people of our community is very important for the development of our society.We need to give respect,solidarity,humility and fidelity for our costumers, employees andsuppliers.
Ethics: Apparaisal of what we are doing looking for honor our compromisses with the costumers,supplier and employees.Caring for the enviroment where we live.
Inovation: Search new products and new manufaturing process to increase our quality and to offer a product for the costumers needs.
Environmental responsability: Measure the enviromental impacts for our actions and always preserving the natural resources.